Finally, it’s time for the most exciting time of the year again: Challenge!

Let’s meet all the Challenge family again – Friends across Switzerland and beyond, bonded through a unique event connecting the sister universities EPF Lausanne and ETH Zurich.
In this event, we put aside any language differences to overcome the Röstigraben throughout various wintersports’ competition.

We would be honoured to have you once again at Challenge!

Just as a reminder, here are the most important infos you need:

  • When? 
    • March 30th to April 2nd 2017.
  • Where? 
    • From ZH: 3 h by car, 3 h 15 mins by train.
    • From LS: 2 h 20 mins by car, 2 h 45 mins by train.
    • The exact location will be announced one week before the event.
  • Terms and Conditions:


  • The Full Challenge (4 days, 3 nights, Thursday – Sunday)
    If you always were THE Challenger, the Challenge must have changed you and your life forever. If you are looking to get as close to this vibrant experience as possible, then THIS is the option for you!
  • The Small Challenge & 3 Ski (3 days, 2 nights, Friday – Sunday)
    The Challenge flame is still burning inside of you, but your weekly practices with the Yodel Swiss team foiled your plans to be with us from Thursday?  No worries! Joins us on Friday with The Small Challenge package.
  • The Small Challenge & 2 Ski (2 days, 2 nights, Friday evening – Sunday)
    You are an «all fire all flames» type of Challenger, but an international meeting with the CEO of General Electric prevents you from leaving the office on a week day? The Mini Challenge package is exactly what you need and enables you to join us on Friday evening!

Further details can be found here

Lodging upgrades options

You found the right package for your inner challenger? Now it’s time to look at our lodging upgrades options.

  • Standard Lodging (no upgrades):
    With standard accommodation, you spend the night in a dorm with up to 20 beds
  • Chalet Ex-OK: If you are dreaming of an Ex-OK chalet, please contact us directly ( Chalets are in limited quantity.
  • Deluxe Lodging: If you want to relax from your workweek, you can «upgrade» your Challenge lodging experience. You will stay in a single, double or triple room with all hotel standards and all you need to unwind from the exciting atmosphere. In the registration, you will be asked for your preferred room size and roommate(s). If you are unsure of who will be sharing the room with you, no worries! You have until February 3rd to tell us. Therefore, please note that the wishes are fulfilled on first come, first serve basis.


  • The Full Challenge: CHF 380 – CHF 530 (Deluxe Lodging)
  • The Small Challenge & 3 Ski: CHF 330 – CHF 430 (Deluxe Lodging)
  • The Small Challenge & 2 Ski: CHF 300 – CHF 400 (Deluxe Lodging)


Please pay latest two weeks after your registration.

The booking closes on February 10th, 2017.


Become a Challenge Angel and help us spreading the love and achieving our goals for Challenge 17.

20% of all funds collected with your mark at the option „Would you like to become a Challenge Angel?“ will be donated to the Red Cross ( and thus support humanitarian projects all around the world. We thank you in advance and send you a lot of Challenge Love!

WE ARE SO EXCITED WELCOME YOU AT CHALLENGE 17 – Let’s start together another 25 years of family love.

Challenge Run Registration Open

Do you and your friends want a definite spot as a challenger?  
Do you want to be part of the Challenge Adventure Run on the 6th October 2016?
Between 4pm and 6pm teams will start running at ETH Hönggerberg for fame and glory. Find your team of 4 enthusiastic persons that are not afraid to face the challenges of the run.
20 teams have the honor to be part of this spectacular run, so register now to save your spot! First come, first serve! To register click here.